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3D Face Bracket - 5 Pack

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3D Support

Masks! Their not comfortable and can be hard to breathe through. But not anymore!

Yes! You read it write. You don’t have to dread leaving the house anymore because of wearing your mask.

Masks are uncomfortable, especially when you have to wear them for hours or throughout the day.

But here’s the best solution. The answer to all your masks problems- uncomfortable breathing, foggy glasses, or hot air from your nose, making your eyes uncomfortable.

Ladies, wouldn’t it be beautiful to wear your favorite lipstick without worrying about the mask destroying your makeup.

Our 3D Mask Support is designed to make wearing masks feel natural and effortless just like any other part of dressing up.


Creates sufficient breathing space. The 3D mouth mask support is curved around the nose to create a space that makes breathing feel normal.

Protect your makeup. When you use this support, your lipstick stays intact. The mask doesn’t rub on your face ensuring your make up stays 100% as fabulous as you made it.

Comfortably wear glasses. Having to wipe the fog off your glasses all the time can be irritating. With this support, you’ll have clear glasses all day long.

Small and comfortable. It covers a small area just around your mouth and the end of your nose. It’s small enough but functional.

It’s washable, reusable, and durable. It will serve you for a while. You just clean it and use it every day.

It’s made of quality silicone material that’s safe to use.

It can be used with all types of masks, be it the disposable, or homemade fabric masks. Now, you can comfortably wear those 3D printed masks that compliment your style.

Its ergonomic design mimics the curve of the face to achieve maximum comfort around the nose bridge.

Get yours now. Wearing masks has never been this comfortable and effortless.

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