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Char-Car-Coal Ionizer

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Car Charcoal Ionizer

Your ideal car ionizer

Smelly and dirty air inside your car can make life quite uncomfortable for you.

While driving, toxic gasses from exhaust pipes, dust, and smoke are likely to get into your car, raising the discomfort level.

You need to purify the air around you and restore that sweet scent within your car.

While doing this can be a significant challenge, you don’t need to struggle. Car charcoal ionizer will do the purification for you.

Coming in small round sizes, the car charcoal ionizer is easy to install and ideal for any position within your car.

It’s made up of carbon crystal which can absorb benzene, ammonia and formaldehyde- gases that are harmful to your respiratory system. Your health and that of your loved ones is important.

The charcoal ionizer has a magnetic cover, ensuring that the charcoal component is intact for effective absorption.

It has several holes making air circulation faster and efficient inside your car.

Why car charcoal ionizer is the best product for you

✔️ Easy to install. Installing car charcoal is effortless and does not require you to have any expertise.

✔️ Reusable. Once installed, you can use it for a long time, approximately up to 3 years.

✔️ You can control the air condition of your car throughout the day and night.

✔️ Good for your health since it absorbs allergens and toxic air that exposes your health to risks.

✔️ Economical. We offer the most competitive prices; you’ll definitely save money using our charcoal ionizer.

✔️ Restores your dignity. It removes foul odour leaving a decent smell and builds your confidence.

✔️Doesn’t require regular maintenance. Using car charcoal ionizer will save you a lot of time and energy.

✔️It’s small in size, therefore, can be placed anywhere within your car without worrying about its beauty.

Make your Car a healthy invironment again ! 

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